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FACS: Full STEAM Ahead! FACS: Full STEAM Ahead!

Identifying and emphasizing STEAM concepts and applications in the FACS curriculum is vital to keeping our programs relevant. This session focuses on practical strategies for building STEAM literacy into the existing FACS curriculum while still meeting our existing comprehensive and content standards. Using a variety of cutting edge FACS careers as a foundation, we will engineer a plan for putting STEAM into FACS.

FACSessorize! FACSessorize!

A well-tailored jacket, great-fitting jeans and the perfect shirt are wardrobe staples–the foundation of a nice outfit. What takes that outfit from practical to fabulous? The right accessories, of course!! Your FACS program may be like that basic outfit–good, but not quite great. Let us show you how to FACSessorize your classes to make them fun, fabulous and oh so fashionable!

Home Ecology, The FACS of Living Green Home Ecology, The FACS of Living Green

Living with respect for the environment is not a new concept to FACS. Home Economics founder, Ellen S. Richards, pioneered the concept a century ago. This presentation honors Ms. Richards’ legacy and the environment by outlining creative methods for incorporating the principles of green living into the FACS curriculum. Activities presented will encourage students to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle and to understand the science and economics that support it.

Historical FACS, Bringing Social Studies to Life in the FACS Classroom Historical FACS, Bringing Social Studies to Life in the FACS Classroom

This presentation is designed to highlight the many opportunities for teaching history within the FACS curriculum. Linking history with FACS allows students to see how historical events such as wars and natural disasters impact the everyday life of real people. Students will see that many of our most amazing achievements have been made by ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. At Home with History will provide practical examples and strategies for bringing history into every FACS content area in a way that both teachers and students will enjoy.

FACS or Fiction, Developing a FACS Literacy Program FACS or Fiction, Developing a FACS Literacy Program

This workshop emphasizing FACS literacy outlines the strategies for using the young adult novel Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous in lieu of a culinary arts textbook. This content-rich novel will entertain students while introducing them to the fundamental units of a culinary arts course: knife skills, food safety and sanitation, preparation of classic and international dishes, egg cookery, pasta and sauces and so much more! This presentation will provide teachers with the instructional tools to effectively implement a creative new approach to teaching FACS.

Design It Just Sew, Creativity Meets Technology Design It Just Sew, Creativity Meets Technology

For someone who likes to sew, walking into a fabric store simulates creativity like no other experience. Selecting just the right fabric for the project you have in mind is half the fun of the process. Now imagine that you could design your own original fabric for that project. This presentation will show you how to do just that. The best news is that your students can design their own fabrics, too! Learn how to teach students to create original fabric designs and turn those fabrics into garments and accessories.

Pinteresting FACS Pinteresting FACS

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. On it users create boards to collect and share information. This presentation uses the Pinterest format to “pin” information to eight boards: FACS By the Book, High Tech Home Ec, Making History, Headline FACS, FACS Science, FACS Math, Pop and Fun FACS. From this presentation teachers will take away a directory of on-line resources, creative ideas for incorporating core concepts into the FACS curriculum, a list of teen novels related to FACS, and strategies for upping the cool factor of FACS.

#Save FACS #Save FACS

In recent months, the phrase “bring back Home Ec” has become a common theme popping up in news headlines, on editorial pages, and in blog posts. Finally, influential people are beginning to recognize that what we teach is vital and vitally needed to address so very many of our nation’s chronic health, social and economic woes! So how do we convert this attitude shift into support for FACS programs? The goal of this presentation is to explore practical steps that FACS professionals can take to capitalize on the good press and sustain the “bring back Home Ec” trend long enough to #Save FACS!

A Novel Approach to FACS–Read All About It! A Novel Approach to FACS–Read All About It!

Wondering how to make reading a part of your FACS curriculum without sacrificing content and/or your sanity? The clues to solving this “fictional” mystery are the focus of this presentation. Let us show you how to write a happy ending to this mystery for both you and your students.