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Fresh FACS Mission
Family and Consumer Science is as relevant today as it was when it was first introduced into the American school curriculum as Home Economics over a century ago. Its core content areas of food preparation, nutrition, children and family, textiles and apparel, interior design and consumer economics have never been more important than in today's society. The resources that you will find on this web site have been created to enable FACS teachers to present these core concepts through a variety of fresh strategies and instructional approaches.
About Fresh FACS

Fresh FACS is a small (very small!) company dedicated to the creation of exciting and original resources for the Family and Consumer Science professional. As you can see from the photo gallery above, we're a home-based business that we operate out of the second story of our recently constructed two-car garage. Like most entrepreneurs, we spend long hours building our business--conducting research, writing, printing, binding, filling orders--generally pouring our hearts and souls into the day-to-day operation of Fresh FACS.

The "We" of Fresh FACS refers to our husband and wife team--Dusty and Ramona Hatch. I'm the creative half of our business team. As a retired FACS teacher, I am passionate about the importance of FACS education. I spend most of my days nestled in the dormer area of our office space developing materials for FACS classroom use. I am constantly spinning new ideas for classroom activities that I hope will enhance instruction in FACS classrooms where they're implemented. I hope you'll take a few minutes to check out the materials we offer here on our website.

Dusty is in charge of bringing my ideas to life and preparing them for distribution. Virtually all of our materials are produced in house. Dusty not only prints and binds all of our materials, but he also manages the office and maintains all of the business records. If that weren't enough to keep him busy, he is also the webmaster for In short, if it requires technical knowledge or business acumen, Dusty steps up and handles it.

We've been in business since 2000 and we're pleased with the growth that we've experienced. We thank those of you who are already our clients and we look forward to working with those who are new to our site. We hope you find the information and materials we offer here useful and inspiring. Thanks for visiting and we hope that you come back again often.

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