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Stories and Stiches The Science and Style of Pizza Pasta Salad Principles
This activity combines reading, crafts, sewing and identification of developmental stages into one comprehensive and fun activity.
Through this activity, students will explore the science, math, history and style of this incredibly popular dish.
This activity will introduce students to the science and engineering of developing the perfect pasta salad.
Sweet Architecture--Engineering a Not So Traditional Gingerbread House An Appetite for Competition: Creating Edible Art Idea to Icon: Life and Times of Everyday Things
This activity is designed to provide students with experience in the application of the principles of the science of baking; observation of the fundamentals of engineering a stable structure; and identification and replication of the elements of specific architectural styles.
Hosting an edible art competition can be an excellent opportunity to showcase students’ culinary and artistic skills.
Many of the products we use and wear every day have very interesting back stories. A timeline project can visually bring those stories to life.
Everyday Lasagna
Everyday Lasagna is an easy recipe that FACS students will love preparing and eating!