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Sweet Science: Ice Cream in a Bag Stories and Stiches The Science and Style of Pizza
Stories and Stiches
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Based on a tried-and-true science project, this article and activity will demonstrate the concept of freezing point depression and molecular gastronomy as students make ice cream in a zip-top bag.
This activity combines reading, crafts, sewing and identification of developmental stages into one comprehensive and fun activity.
Through this activity, students will explore the science, math, history and style of this incredibly popular dish.
Pasta Salad Principles Sweet Architecture Engineering a Not So Classic Gingerbread House An Appetite for Competition: Creating Edible Art
Pasta Salad Principles
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This activity will introduce students to the science and engineering of developing the perfect pasta salad.
This activity is designed to provide students with experience in the application of the principles of the science of baking; observation of the fundamentals of engineering a stable structure; and identification and replication of the elements of specific architectural styles. This is definitely not a quick holiday activity!
Hosting an edible art competition can be an excellent opportunity to showcase students’ culinary and artistic skills.
Idea to Icon: Life and Times of Everyday Things Everyday Lasagna Fair Food
Everyday Lasagna
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Fair Food
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Many of the products we use and wear every day have very interesting back stories. A timeline project can visually bring those stories to life.
Everyday Lasagna is an easy recipe that FACS students will love preparing and eating!
Vision and innovation are not unique to the technology being developed today. In this article you’ll be introduced to a period in history that fairly exploded with energy and invention. Inspire your students to appreciate creativity and ingenuity as they prepare one of the most iconic recipes of all time.
TwinkLED Toes: An Introduction to Next Gen Textiles Popping With STEAM Food Physics–Frying Science
Popping With STEAM
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This article will introduce you to some illuminating and creative ways to utilize soft circuitry in your textiles, apparel and interior design programs that will have your students glowing with excitement!
Go deep into the food chemistry and physics of making popcorn as you guide your students to understand what makes popcorn pop (Psst...It’s not as simple as you think! and how the microwave oven works.
The air fryer is another modern marvel of food physics! Students will enjoy applying the principles of heat transfer through convection as they make their own Pop Tarts in the air fryer.
Food Physics–Under Pressure
This could quite possibly be the most popular physics lesson ever! Introduce students to the science of pressure cooking as they prepare every kid's favorite dish--macaroni and cheese!