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Making Decisions Whiteboard Lesson Save at the Supermarket Interactive Whiteboard Give Me Some Credit Interactive Whiteboard Lesson
Making Decisions
Lesson Price $5.00
Save at the Supermarket
Lesson Price $5.00
Give Me Some Credit
Lesson Price $5.00
Introduce students to the steps in the decision-making process. Prepare your students to win at the grocery shopping game! Using credit wisely is essential in today’s economy.
Danger Zone--Kitchen and Food Safety Recipe Arithmetic Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Knife Skills Interactive Whiteboard Lesson
Recipe Arithmetic
Lesson Price $5.00
Knife Skills
Lesson Price $5.00
This lesson will introduce students to the principles of food and kitchen safety. This lesson introduces students to measuring tools, measuring methods and the mathematics of scaling a recipe. This lesson introduces students to the parts of the knife, types of kitchen knives, knife safety, basic knife cuts and caring for knives.
Portion Control Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Chemistry of Baking Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Egg Basics Interactive Whiteboard Lesson
Portion Control
Lesson Price $5.00
The Chemistry of Baking
Lesson Price $5.00
Egg Basics
Lesson Price $5.00
This lesson will help students to recognize appropriate serving sizes by providing visual cues and references. This lesson introduces students to the functions of baking ingredients and the chemical changes that take place during baking. This lesson introduces students to the structure of the egg, the basics of shopping for and storing eggs, stages of egg white formation, preparing eggs, and the nutritive qualities of eggs.
American Architectural Styles--Traditional Homes American Architectural Styles--Modern Homes Stages of Child Development Interactive Whiteboard
This lesson introduces students to the architectural elements associated with traditional American home design. This lesson introduces students to the architectural elements associated with modern American home design This lesson introduces the four stages child development by outlining the characteristics of each.
Maslow's Hierarchy Whiteboard Lesson Nutrient Power--Macro Nutrients Whiteboard Lesson Nutrient Power--Micro Nutrients Whiteboard Lesson
Maslow's Hierarchy
Lesson Price $5.00
This lesson introduces the life cycle stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy and how these concepts can help us to understand and successfully work with young children. This lesson introduces students to the macro-nutrients and the food sources and functions of each. This lesson introduces students to the micro-nutrients and the food sources and functions of each.
Serving Up Good Health Interactive Whiteboard Deconstructing Fashion--Fibers & Fabrics Deconstructing Fashion--Design to Runway
Serving Up Good Health
Lesson Price $5.00
This lesson outlines the food categories in the My Plate guidelines with an emphasis on wise food choices.  The importance of physical exercise is also emphasized. This lesson presents the characteristics of both natural and manufactured fibers.  It also explains how fabrics are made. This lesson explains the symbols and terminology used in commercial sewing patterns
Design Fundamentals Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Color Matters Interactive Whiteboard Lesson FACS On Board
Design Fundamentals
Lesson Price $5.00
Color Matters
Lesson Price $5.00
FACS on Board
Product Price $47.00

The elements and principles of design are fundamental to all aspects of interior design and textiles and apparel.  This lesson illustrates and explains both of these important concepts. This lesson introduces students to the color wheel and the relationship of the colors that comprise it.  It also explores the psychological effects of color. The interactive, electronic whiteboard is a dynamic instructional tool that when used effectively can greatly enhance instruction and learning.